2021 Buick Encore Cargo Space

April 12th, 2021 by
Seeing a mountain in the rear-view mirror

With people spending more time than ever in their vehicles, travelers want their vehicles to give them freedom, comfort, convenience, and the power of expression. And while the outward look and impression of your vehicle is important to your sense of expression, the interior elements are equally pivotal to the overall quality of your ride….

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2021 Buick Encore Trim Levels

March 19th, 2021 by
2021 Red Buick Encore

If you’re looking for a highly dependable subcompact SUV, you may want to consider getting the 2021 Buick Encore. Besides having an excellent predicted reliability rating, this small crossover also offers a smooth ride, a refined cabin, and plenty of tech features. It comes in only the base and Preferred trim levels to make choosing…

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Top 7 Scenic Drives in Springfield, IL

March 14th, 2021 by
Scenic drives in Springfield, IL

As the capital of Illinois and home to President Abraham Lincoln, Springfield sits in the middle of the state and offers stunning views of the countryside outside of the city center. Venturing out during fall when the leaves change colors allows you to look at the arrays of reds, oranges, and yellows that take over…

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2020 Buick Encore vs. 2021 Buick Encore

March 8th, 2021 by
2021 Buick Encore Blue

The Encore might be the smallest SUV in the Buick lineup, but good things come in small packages. It offers the same upscale look and feel as its larger siblings, with comfortable seats in the front and the back, modern technology features, and lots of safety equipment. The 2021 Encore arrived with just a few…

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Dashboard Warning Lights & Symbols

February 25th, 2021 by
Dashboard on a car

No one likes having their joyous cruise down the freeway interrupted by a distressing symbol flashing on their dashboard. This has probably happened to you at some point while driving. Like you, most drivers don’t always recognize the message these warning lights are trying to share with them. These lights all serve a purpose, and…

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12+ Best Auto Maintenance and Service Tips For Every Car

February 15th, 2021 by
2020-silverado-1500-trail-boss-mov (1)

Performing regular maintenance on your car can enable you to drive it for a longer period of time and save money by preventing costly repairs. But what are the top maintenance tips you need to keep in mind? Monitor Your Air Filter Regularly checking to see whether your air filter is flowing properly can help…

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Should I Get My Car Serviced at the Dealer?

February 11th, 2021 by

Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. Having your vehicle serviced on a regular basis helps to ensure that your car runs in tip-top shape. You have many choices when it comes to choosing where to have your car serviced, from a local mechanic to a dealership. Check out this list of…

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Here’s What You Need to Know About the 2021 All-New Suburban

February 6th, 2021 by

The 2021 Chevrolet Suburban is one of the most recognizable and well-loved sport utility vehicles in American history. The 2021 version of this incredible vehicle promises to be the best yet. Read on below about all of its impressive features and options. Six Trim Levels and Three Engine Options The 2021 Chevrolet Suburban is a…

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Can You Go Through a Car Wash With a Cracked Windshield?

January 30th, 2021 by
Can you go through a car wash with a cracked windshield?

Ever find yourself behind a dump truck that suddenly hit a bump in the road and began throwing gravel, dirt, and trash out onto your car? That’s only one way to get a cracked windshield. Often it’s a rock kicked up from the road by the tires on the vehicle ahead of you that’s the…

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